DFB-Pokalfinale 2023 Olympiastadion Berlin


German Football Association Cupfinale 2023
Olympiastadion Berlin
Olympischer Platz 3 ,

„Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin!“ is the yearly occurring chant of the Fans and Supporters, once the two Teams for the DFB-Cupfinale are announced. Then it’s time to book your Hotel, pack your Bags and off to Berlin!

What you should know when purchasing your DFB-Cupfinale 2023 Tickets

The Sale of the DFB-Cupfinale Tickets beginns traditionally on the 1st September the year before the Event. As soon as the Tickets for the Finale in Berlin go live, you should be quick an secure your Tickets.

There might be rumors about Tickets on the Blackmarket for the Finale but we really don’t recommend this. These Tickets are often falsified, and you risk being denied entry at the Gates.

If you wish to purchase your Tickets safely, and legally, we recommend remembering the following Tips:

  • Get all Information beforehand about the allocation of the Tickets for the DFB-Cupfinale 2023. The allocation of the Tickets usually happens via a Lottery System. Be aware that there are always Allotments for the Fans of each Club.
  • As soon as the Tickets are available, be quick and purchase your Tickets as early as possible. Even when there is no official Confirmation of the Club, you can still reserve your Tickets. That way, you can ensure your Change to be a part of the big Finale.
  • Always ensure the reliability of the Seller when purchasing your Tickets. Inform yourself in advance about the Seller and ensure that it is a credible and reliable source. Recommodation, buy directly from the DFB: https://tickets.dfb.de/
  • Payments should always be made via credit card or PayPal. That way, you have the Option of getting your Money back, should it be a Scam.
  • Be aware of fake Tickets and Scams when searching for tickets. Be careful with offers that are obviously much lower in price than the official Ticket, or if the Seller doesn’t seem credible.

If you could not secure Tickets for this Football Event, you can still watch the Finale here with us in Berlin. Generally all of Berlin is experiencing Football Mania, and it doesn’t matter if you are in the Olympiastadion amongst the 70,000 Football fans or sitting in a Beer garden with Public Viewing, this weekend no one can elude the Finale.

DFB-Cupfinale 2023 LogoWhen then in the late evening of 03 June 2023 the winner of the DFB Cup Final 2023 is determined and the golden cup is ceremoniously presented to the winning team, it would be much too bad to go straight home again. Since you are already in Berlin, isn’t it worth staying a few more Days?

Olympiastadion Berlin at the little BIG hotels Would you like to see Berlin from above? Then check out the Berlin Welt Balloon at Checkpoint Charlie. With the largest moored Balloons in the World, you ascend 150 meters into the Berlin sky and have a splendid panorama view of the city center. Stunning! Tickets can easily be purchased here.

Perhaps you are more interested in Art and Culture? Then definitely visit the Museum Island near the Berlin Dom or the Culture Forum at Potsdamer Platz! Don’t forget, at Potsdamer Platz you can dine superbly or go on a shopping spree.

Berlin really offers something for everyone and the DFB-Cupfinale 2023 is a perfect Reason to visit our Capital City. It doesn’t matter if you choose our Hotel LINDEMANN‘S, the CALMA Berlin Mitte, the fjord hotel berlin or the Anna 1908, our centrally located Hotels offer the perfect Starting point to discover Berlin and celebrate the DFB-Cupfinale!

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