berlin tiergarten siegessäule

Berlin Tiergarten

The Borough Tiergarten belongs to the District of Mitte and is known for its Sights such as the Brandenburger Gate and the big Animal Garden.

The Borough Tiergarten…

belongs to the District of Berlin Mitte. From here on, you can conquer all of Berlin, since Mitte has the most Sightseeing Attractions of the City.
For example you will find the Goverment District. Here you can take a look at the impressive Reichstag with its modern Glass dome or climb the Dome and view Berlin from a lofty perspective.

Just 500 Meter over stands our grand Landmark: Our Brandenburg Gate! You can’t miss it and shouldn’t, take a walk through it at least once. Here starts the world famous Straße des 17. Juni, which Axis runs completely through the large Animal Garden.
The large Animal Garden is the second-largest Park in Berlin and was originally built as a hunting Ground. Since long, it is now a Park for Everyone, and is used by Berliners to relax, play Soccer, BBQ, Walks and Jogs, lay in the Sunshine and much more.

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