Berlin Schöneberg Park

Berlin Schöneberg

Berlin Schöneberg is a great District, with many known Faces that have lived and worked here. There are many great Places to take a Stroll and go shopping, that you definitely should visit!

Albert Einstein | Marlene Dietrich | Hugo Egon Balder | David Bowie | Theodor Heuss | Hildegard Knef | Rosa Luxemburg | Iggy Pop | Billy Wilder…. What do all of these People have in common? At first glance not a lot. Taking a closer look you’ll notice, all these People knew just how beautiful Berlin Schöneberg is. They all lived and worked here, some even to this Day.

It’s not hard to guess why! Berlin Schöneberg has so much to offer! The District of Schöneberg belongs to the Borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg and is surrounded by Tiergarten, Kreuzberg, Tempelhof, Steglitz, Wilmersdorf as well as Charlottenburg. You get to everything easily and quickly, to all of Berlin’s exciting areas and Must-See Spots.

Taking a stroll is worth it

What you should not miss is the most famous Shopping Centre in all of Germany, the KaDeWe! At Wittenbergplatz you can shop to your Heart’s Desire and try all the delicious Delicacies on the Gourmet Floor! But also the 78 Meters high Gasometer, which is known as a prominent Landmark of Schöneberg, is worth a closer Look. And if you prefer a Walk in the Park, the Kleistpark is ideal. It’s situated directly across from our Hotel and surrounds the baroque Building of the Supreme Court. Go take a Look, it’s a beautiful backdrop and absolutely worth a Visit.

Around the Corner of our Hotel LINDEMANN’S you’ll find the hot spot around the Nollendorfplatz and the Winterfeldtplatz. There you can go Barhopping, stroll of the Weekend Market on Saturdays or get a Kebap to go and enjoy the hustle and bustle!

Even John F. Kennedy, in 1963, was moved to say „Ich bin ein Berliner!“ whilst at the Rathaus Schöneberg! And how about you? Are you too a Berliner?

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