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Berlin Friedenau

Friedenau is a small but fine District in Berlin, that used to house many famous Artists and is now known for its cultural Establishments.

Small but fine! The best Way to describe Friedenau! Our Anna 1908 is situated in this quiet District of Berlin, right next to the busy Schloßstraße.

Our little BIG hotels are all very central and still divided amongst the Districts of Tiergarten, Mitte and Friedenau. Friedenau might not be as familiar to you but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to discover! There is a reason why we situated our Anna 1908 here.

Friedenau is a relatively small District of Berlin, that, through its quiet Character and many Villas and old Buildings wins through its charming Atmosphere.

Many famous People knew to appreciate that Charm. Here lived for example the Literary Nobel Price Winner Günter Grass as well as the Authors Max Frisch, Erich Kästner and Kurt Tucholsky. Even an internationally known vocal ensemble contributed to the wonderful artistic Atmosphere in Berlin Friedenau, when in 1927 the Comedian Harmonists were founded. 40 Years later Rainer Langhans and Fritz Teufel founded, in Friedenau, the then infamous Kommune I.

Toda Friedenau is…

Enough with the Past! Friedenau doesn’t have much Media representation these days, but there are still many wonderful cultural Establishments.

Our Anna 1908 is situated in the south of Berlin Friedenau. From here it only takes 15min to walk on Foot to the Kleines Theater. This small, classic Chamber theatre offers many different Plays and for 15 – 20 € you can get a Ticket at the Evening Box Office.
To get to the Chamber Music Hall Friedenau you’ll get by taking the U9 Train. This Concert Hall is ideally situated, only two Train stops from the Hotel. Here you can listed to the wonderful sound of Music from the 17th to early 19th Century and spend an unforgettable Evening in elegant Atmosphere, in Berlin.
With the Trainstation Feuerbachstraße close-by it is only one Stop to the S-Train Station Friedenau. There you will find the Eventbuilding „Alte Bahnhofshalle“. Many private Events such as Weddings and Birthdays take place here every Year. But also Concerts, Readings and Dance Classes are on offer here. If you are invited to a Celebration or visiting an Event at the Alten Bahnhofshalle, our Anna 1908 is ideal as Overnight Accommodation.

But since Berlin also offers wonderful shopping opportunities, we want to mention another advantage to our great Location, so close to Friedenau.
All Fashionistas among you, prepare yourselfs: Anna 1908 is super close-by to 4 Shopping centers! Here you can shop, shop, shop! Let’s go!

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