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Digital Check-in
How to

Find out how to complete the digital Check-in in 4 simple steps and how to get your room key

  1. Get personalized Link
  2. Fill out registration form
  3. Check-in online
  4. Open Doors
Online Meldeschein ausfüllen und unterschreiben


2. Fill in registration form

Click “Fill in registration form” and provide your details for your reservation If you need an Invoice with a Company Adress, you can already enter this Adress.


3. Check-in online

You can comfortably check in from 3pm onwards on the Day of Arrival. Click on “Check in now” in your WebApp Please check your entered details, that you provided in Step 2. Here you have the option to change any Details. Finally just click on “Check-in” and you are ready for your Room.

online check-in bei den LINDEMANN HOTEL
Hotel Zimmertür auf dem Smartphone öffnen


4. Open Doors

Under “Room key” you will find your Doors. Here it will only show the Doors that are relevant to you. To open a door, swipe the Slider towards the right side. It will show that the Door opens. Done.

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